ACE Mentor Guided Tour – Everbank Field – Laura Street Trio – Argos USA

Thursday March, 10th 2016

The ACE Mentor Program of NE Florida sponsored Middleburg High School’s ACE teams with a guided tour of Jacksonville’s current construction sites.  The downtown Laura Street Trio buildings, the Everbank Field and Argos USA a ready mix concrete facility.

Students were actively engaged as they were able to explore the Trio buildings, take pictures and literally feel the history on the walls of this historic (unused for last 20 years) structure.  This excursion provided an opportunity for students to research the site first hand as they prepare their own renovation projects when they compete in the ACE Regional competition.   Students where finally able to connect the floor plans to reality and realize just how “big” the space really is or isn’t.

Just down the street, we traveled to the Everbank field where students were given an all access pass to the NFL Stadium of the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Students were shown the importance of safety in construction and the process that goes into planning the entire construction site in phases.  Seeing all the different parts that make up a project really helped students understand that everyone has a role that needs to be played in order for the job to turn out right and on time.

Our last stop was a trip to Argos USA a ready mix concrete facility.  Students were shown the different types of concrete used in construction and there purposes.  They even preformed a strength test to see at which pressure the concrete would break.  Students being able to see the process of concrete being formed truly helped them understand the wide variety of forms possible when designing new structures themselves.