Step One: Watch Video

Step Two:  Watch Emily Pilloton, the project designer, describe the challenge. Then Read below.
Project Brief: Think like a designer: Beyond the backyard chicken coop

Imagine a space-age, solar-powered chicken coop resting on the roof of a twenty-five story building in the middle of a booming metropolis. The chicken coop design project encourages you to use your imagination to design a useful, attractive structure that actually improves the way chickens live and the way they are integrated into your own environment. You are challenged to solve such design problems as overall space required; protection from weather and predators; accommodations for food, water, exercise, and roosting; the best materials to use; economics and budget constraints; and aesthetics.

Drawing on the principles of sustainable design, you are entreated to use environmentally appropriate and recycled materials whenever possible to design your chicken coop.

Get creative with design in class

Chicken Coop Project H is presented by creator Emily Pilloton in a series of short videos that detail the evolution of a design: Understand, Explore, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Refine, and Solution. Emily takes you step by step through the design process, beginning with understanding project requirements, to sketching and digital imaging, to building a material prototype and refining the design, to the final project solution and presentation. The chicken coop project includes the same elements required to build a house (only on a much smaller scale), giving you plenty to crow about when you present your inspired design, using the visual aids you created, to a group of local business people and neighbors.


Step 3: Understand – Discussion will take place last 30 min of class. (research information on your own, then discuss in group… Please remain quiet during this time and work at your computer)
  • Discuss the role of chickens in the world today.
  • Why are so many people raising chickens lately?
  • What do chickens have to do with the local food movement and the environment?

Document answers in notebook, sketch on same page what you think about when you think “chicken coop”.


Assignment AFTER DISCUSSION: Write answers on sheet provided and turn in.  

(your name should be first initial, last name, one word.  EX: CAPIATA)

Use the questions below to start thinking about designing a chicken coop, understand what problems chicken coops help address, and identify the social and environmental reason for building chicken coops.

  1. Why do you think there is a growing worldwide interest in the issue of environmental sustainability?
  2. In recent years, more and more individuals and families have been involved in producing their own food.  What do you think are some of the key factors influencing this trend?
  3. What are some of the benefits associated with raising chickens in a residential environment?
  4. What are some of the potential negative aspects of raising chickens in a residential environment?





Step One: Watch Explore video

Discuss conceptual questions and design questions.

Complete Explore worksheet.

View Precedent PowerPoint w/Assignment




Step One: Watch DEFINE video.

Complete define worksheet.



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