Using Google Slides, create a presentation on the topics below.  Be sure to provide images and description for each slide.  Imagine you are preparing this presentation for someone who has never used or heard of it before.


AutoCAD powerpoint must include the following slides.

  • History of AutoCAD (What is it, when did it start, who invented it)
  • Benefits and advantages of AutoCAD (Least at-least 6, add images)
  • Name 5 professions that use AutoCAD or benefit from its products.
  • User Interface – List/Label command line, ribbon, status bar, view cube
  • Toolbars & Palettes – What are they, What are there benefits
  • Drawing Areas – Explain difference between model and layout space
  • AutoCAD Coordinate System – Explain Absolute, Relative, Polar
  • Object Snaps – What are the possible options for object snaps
  • Object tracking – What is it, how do you turn it on?
  • Modify Commands –  List and label them
  • Dimension Styles – What are they? what do they control?
  • Dimensioning The Drawing – Types of dimensions
  • Layer properties & options – On/Off, Frozen, Lineweights, Linetypes
  • Viewports – Three types of viewports, what are they used for?
  • Annotating the Drawing – Creating Notes, Single line/Multiline text
  • Hatching – What is it, what are the options, what do they look like
  • Printing in AutoCAD – Plot options, multiple ways to plot
  • Examples of AutoCAD – Provide examples of images created in AutoCAD