Objectives for 1pt Perspective drawing

  • The students will draw a 1 point perspective through lecture, power point and the completion of 2 drawing projects. Students will use their knowledge of one point perspective to draw more complex drawings in later units.
  • Students will draw 1 point perspective at different locations that will reflect different viewing areas.
  • Students will use critical thinking skills in the drawing assignments and through completion of the projects will show problem solving skills that will lead them to the outcome of a finished drawing.

Download Powerpoint

Create the following in AutoCAD, Save file as “1PT_Perspective_boxes_YOURNAME”

Example 2 Example 3 Example 1


Perspective Definitions to “KNOW”

  1. Perspective:   creating the illusion of depth on a flat surface
    • One-Point Perspective: a way to show 3-D objects on a flat surface using one vanishing point
    • Two-Point Perspective: a way to show 3-D objects on a flat surface using two vanishing points
    • Aerial Perspective: using color and value to create the illusion of depth. Closer objects are brighter and true colors; farther objects are darker and more dull.
  2. Depth: the illusion of 3-D space on a 2-D surface
    • Proportion: principle of art; describes the size relationship between objects
    • Overlap: placement of objects on top of each other to create depth
  3. Horizon line: eye level; shows where the sky and ground come together or meet
  4. Vanishing point: the spot on the horizon line where parallel lines appear to converge and vanish
  5. Line: element of art; the path of a traveling point in space
    • Orthogonal line: lines drawn to the vanishing point
    • Vertical line: lines that travel in an up and down direction
    • Horizontal line: lines that travel in a side to side direction
    • Parallel line: lines that never touch or cross paths
  6. Space: element of art that describes the area in or around an object
    • Negative space: the area around an object
    • Positive space: the area within an object

Be able to label in Perspective Drawings

  1. Horizon Line
  2. Vanishing Point
  3. Vertical line
  4. Horizontal line
  5. Parallel lines
  6. Orthogonal lines

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