OBJECTIVE: To be creative and really “think out side of the box”. You will each come up with your own design for a storage container based home. You will be applying everything you have learned throughout the Design Build Academy and work related experience.
PROJECT: Three (3) weeks to complete the project, design and build a model of it.
Research ideas for a storage container home
Design can only up to five(5) 40’L x 8’W x 8′-6″T storage containers
Design must include a:
  • (2-4)bedroom  = 8′-0″x8′-0″ up to 12′-0″x14′-0″
  • (2-4)closets  = MIN 2’6″x4′-0″
  • (2-4) full bathroom = 5′-0″x8′-0″ up to 8′-0″x10′-0″
  • living space  = MIN is 15′-0″x15′-0″
  • kitchen  = MIN is 10′-0″x10′-0″
  • dinning space (can be an eat in kitchen) = MIN is 12′-0″x14′-0″
  • utility for laundry, heater, etc = MIN is 5′-0″x8′-0″
  • outdoor living space
The containers can be cut and put together in any way you wish.
Here is an example of a sketched out idea.  I have 1/4″ graph paper that you can use to rough sketch your idea onto, before you start designing on the PC.