UNF Field Trip – College Tour


The morning is cold, but excitement brews as the MECCA & Design Build Academy students await for the buses to arrive. The students are eager to gain a glimpse of what their next step after high school may be like. For most, this was the first time on a college campus and the first time interacting with college students, professors, and advisors of their chosen fields.  Never before have they seen so many facilities and resources that cater to the growth of student well-being. Students had options to study inside with complete quiet, or semi-quiet, they had lounges with unlimited wi-fi as well as outdoor gardens and walking trials all throughout the campus. The student gym was top notch and hands-on training received by students on campus seemed like no other.  The interaction was positive and helped spark some dreams of college, but also made it more desirable and attainable based on current situations for those who never thought it possible. A special thank you is warranted for the on-campus Tour Guides.  They were great and provided extensive detail of campus life and accommodations. They made students aware of the benefits and resources available to them should they take the time to reach out.