1. Quick Access Toolbar:

In above window you are not able to See Quick Access Toolbar(QAT) and Workspace tabs is because above window is not in Maximize mode. So if you are unable to see Works space and QAT then press Maximize window tab.

By default this window have some tabs like: New, Open , Save , Save All, Plot , Undo and Redo.  You can Customize this QAT by pressing down key tab  next to Workspace list .

Customize Quick Access Toolbar


Also alternatively you can Right Click on Ribbon(8) tabs and Add any Tabs to QAT .


2. Ribbon Tabs:

Below QAT you will find all Ribbon Tabs available in this WorkSpace. Default Works Space is ‘Drafting and Annotation’ .

Different Ribbon tabs offers different Ribbon panels depending on your work.


3. Search:

You can search any commands or information by entering any Keywords or Phrase.


4. External Links:

Which is also called information center which links to AutoCAD 360 .


5. Help:

Help tabs link with help file you can search help content also other information as below. You can change setting for display Welcome Screen here.



6. Title Bar:

Here you will see your Drawing file name which is open currently.


7.  Application Menu  Button (AutoCAD Logo) :

This AutoCAD application menu offers different options along with Default QAT options as below.


8. Ribbons: 

This is your main Toolbar area where you will find all Tabs in panel format arranged as per their use . Ribbon is consists of panel. Some panel is associated with Dialog boxes which can be used by pressing bottom right corner arrow tab of panel.


9. File Tabs:

You can add new Drawing Files by pressing [+] icon on File tabs or if you want to switch between Model and Layout tabs then hover mouse cursor over File tab name and a preview will be shown as below then select correct Layout.

dwg tab


10. Viewport Controls: 

This is on Screen View port controls form where you can change AutoCAD views and Visual Styles to different options as below.

views        visual


 11. View Cube: 

Through view Cube you can see Drawing Elements from Differnt view direction and you can rotate view .


12. WCS. 

Below View Cube you can select WCS or Create new Co-coordinating system,



13. Navigation Bar: 

This Navigation bar you can locate on different side of AutoCAD window . This contains some additional tools like Pan.


14. Drawing Area/ Graphics Area:

This is main area of Model where you will create new Drawing elements . This is  infinite space area .


15. Command Line:

Another way to use AutoCAD features is o run command from Command line. This command line setting options are as below:



 16. Model and Layout Tabs:

This tabs used for Model and Layout tabs . You can create Rename and Delete Layout tabs from here. Also you chnage location of Model and Layout tabs to status bar by Right click and select option to hide.


 Status Bar: (17 +18 +19)

17.  Drawing Settings:

This is application Station bar which consist of different settings. You can toggle to on and off these icons.


18. Additional Settings:

This contains Model s, Annotation and some additional settings. This is available in Drawing window status bar.


19. Drawing Coordinates:

This shows current location of Mouse cursor in Drawing coordinates:

20. Co-ordinates:

This is Coordinated of Drawing.


 21. Ribbon view:

You can change ribbons Minimized to tabs, Panel Titles, Panel Buttons or |Cycle through all.



Tip: If you hover any tab then it will give you short info about that tab. If you hover it for couple o seconds then it will give you full info about that tab with pictures .